Dawlish Avenue

The client wanted an unique approach which was different to the surrounding residential spaces. The site is located in the south-west region of London Borough of Enfield on Dawlish Avenue.  

The existing site has no specific use apart from some degraded garages and storage spaces being present and which are being proposed for demolition with the current development. 

The main access on site is made from Dawlish Avenue by using the existing communal vehicle alleyway, situated between Nos. 39 and 41 Dawlish Avenue, which actually also belongs to the applicant. Due to the fact that the area is unsafe the area needs to be safe and secured, a 24h/24 CCTV surveillance system and sensor lighting will be provided. Alongside, automatic secure gate, with door for people, is proposed on entrance from Dawlish Avenue, in order to stop any obtrusive access and to overcome any security issues.

In terms of design of the building, there has been taken into consider the orientation of the site in relation with the cardinal points and this resulted in the orientation of the habitable rooms towards east, south and west for receiving as much natural light and sun light as possible and therefore all the habitable rooms will receive sufficient natural light and sunlight. At the same time, obscured glazing windows and skylights will provide additional light inside.  

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